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The majority of entrepreneurs have problems with unreliable business partners. Our team specializes in the enforcement of claims caused by the avoiding of the acquaintance in maturity. At your disposal we have a wide range of capabilities which can help you successfully receive the payment due commitments in a fast way. We respect your time and money, we care about improving the process of executing your clients’ defaults. Usually the term of time limitation for commercial claims in Poland is three years so urgent measures must be taken in order to avoid losing those amounts.

Monitoring of  acquittance

At the beginning, we offer you the service of monitoring the acquittance which enables the control of payments and motivates your clients to pay their defaults in time. The monitoring concerns not only the exigible commitments. We contact with your clients via mail or telephone to motivate them to pay in term and to recognize the reasons of the potential delay.

Searching for the debtor’s wealth

In order to ensure your clients’ payment, we undertake the activities to find their wealth, with which they will be able to pay their debts. We commission the bailiff to search the wealth, what can be helpful in receiving the commitments.


Receiving the acquittance in term can also become impossible. We lead the case in soft and tough eviction. Therefore we undertake the activities at the stage of:

– arbitral procedure by leading the negotiations with Your client,

– judicial procedure – we send the prejudicial form of final call, prepare the summons and represent You in court,

– enforcement procedure – we submit the application of enforcement proceedings and oversee them.

Foreign companies

We provide comprehensive support to the foreign companies intending to enter the Polish market.

We advise about choosing the form (company) of business activity. We carry out all the formalities connected with registering company and opening a bank account. Our clients appreciate our effectiveness and our support, which helps them to find themselves in foreign legal surrounding.

Gulla Law Office provides legal assistance to immigrants in obtaining official permits and documents and represent the client in offices and other institutions.

We provide full legal service related to:

  • obtaining permanent residence card and legalization of stay,
  • the opening of business,
  • obtaining a work permit,
  • obtaining visas: assistance in obtaining a visa, visa extension and to obtaining a visa for a foreigner staying in Poland illegally,
  • obtaining a residence permit,
  • obtaining a permit to settle,
  • obtaining Polish citizenship,
  • other problems related to the fact that you are not a Polish citizen.

The economic crimes are on the rise. Unfortunately, some people are forced to handle the corruption or ‘money laundering’ on their own. Entrepreneurs and  management board members – often lack the knowledge of how to vindicate their rights, especially when the crime trespasses their economic interests. On the other hand, the difficulties of the Polish law may cause getting lost in the embroilment of regulations. Sometimes even entrepreneurs themselves do not realize that they are trespassing the interests of others.

Our Office provides professional legal services concerning the help in vindicating your rights or court representation, but also consulting in taking the actions which are consistent with the law.

Our Law Office offers:

  • Legal advice and out-of-court and in court representation of entrepreneurs in cases concerning business frauds, rules of fair competition and criminal responsibility under particular laws,
  • Defense of the suspected and accused of business fraud and corruption at all stages of proceedings (preparatory, court, executor proceedings),
  • Representation of members of governing bodies of companies in cases involving their criminal responsibility for activities of a company,
  • Representation of collective entities in connection with their criminal responsibility,
  • Comprehensive legal advice in various areas of economic criminal law based on full analysis of the issues related to business fraud

Technology companies constantly create, enhance, distribute, sell and buy significant technology assets. We recognize that, for most of our clients, intellectual property is the cornerstone of their business, and protecting it is vital to their success.

Gulla’s intellectual property team is an integrated group that provides services in major areas of intellectual property protection and commercialization, including trademarks and copyrights and licensing patents.

Our key areas of practice are trademarks, patents, designs, domain names and other IP rights, but we can also be entrusted with licensing, drafting agreements and monitoring the renewal terms. We also handle enforcement, infringement and unfair competition, which frequently involves litigation before administrative and common courts. Furthermore, our practice includes customs seizures and cooperation with the Polish customs authorities.

We represent clients before the Polish Patent Office (PPO), the European Patent Office (EPO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
All of our customers can always count on our help at any stage of the proceedings. Our services include the preparation of applications in order to obtain exclusive rights, formal correspondence with the relevant authorities and court. If necessary, we personally represent your clients. We assist in all matters directly or indirectly related to patents, trademarks, utility models and industrial, but also on issues such as obtaining licenses, recording changes in ownership rights in the relevant official registers, payment of renewal fees for the maintenance of rights in force, drafting contracts and enforcement of industrial property rights. In addition, we represent clients in disputes, customs and judicial proceedings in cases of violations of legally protected solutions.

With our help you can make the application in the national procedure (PL)- national trademarks, industrial designs, inventions, utility models, international – international trademark application, an international industrial design application and the EU – EU trademark, the EU’s industrial design. My clients are entrepreneurs, domestic companies and foreign universities, schools and other institutions.

Our trademark and marketing law services include:

  • Performing preliminary and full clearance searches of proposed new trademarks,
  • Preparing and prosecuting applications to register trademarks,
  • Counseling on the proper use of trademarks, including the preparation of trademark use guidelines,
  • Developing and implementing trademark enforcement strategies, including through use of trademark watch services, opposition and cancellation proceedings, cease and desist letters, and arbitration procedures,
  • Drafting and negotiating domain name transfer agreements,
  • Through our extensive network of foreign affiliates, we are able to manage international trademark portfolios and coordinate worldwide trademark protection strategies in a seamless manner,
  • Services provided by patent attorneys,
  • Changes in entries in official registers,
  • Monitoring applications of competing companies, monitoring of applications in the chosen field,
  • Preparation of comments on the reported trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs,
  • Examining the legal status of objects of industrial property,
  • Legal representation and the process before the Polish patent Office, the courts and adjudicating bodies in matters of industrial property (except act as a proxy in the proceedings criminal and criminal tax).

Gulla advises clients on a variety of copyright issues, including issues related to the fair use of copyrighted materials, protection of databases, and copyright ownership and registrations.

Copyright protection is available for an original work of authorship fixed in literary, audio-visual and other media, including computer software. Additionally, we can provide counsel regarding the steps necessary to protect your copyright through registration, if necessary.

We have extensive experience in preparing due diligence contracts within the scope of real estate and enterprise acquisitions.

We offer a conduction of an independent and objective legal audit of any Polish company, enterprise or real estate. The legal audit is a multistage and profound analysis of the legal situation of the given entity or real estate. Usually, our foreign clients’ aim is to examine the current status and economical condition of a Polish company or enterprise from the perspective of a planned transaction. The audit typically includes an advice which will help to make a decision whether to enter a particular transaction or not. Our legal audit enables reasonable planning and limitation of the risk connected with the transactions.

The exact scope of the audit depends on the planned transaction and our clients’ requests, but usually includes:

  • analysis of the company’s compliance with Polish laws and regulations,
  • examination of establishing and functioning of the enterprise, including activities of the management board, supervisory board etc.,
  • investigation of legal status of real properties,
  • review of the company’s trade agreements with contractors,
  • analysis of administrative and court proceedings.

With the help and assistance of our professionals the safety of the planned transaction will increase and the clients may calmly focus on the business aspects of the deal.