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Our Services
Legal Services

We provide our foreign clients with legal advice on most areas and aspects of Polish law – business law, in particular commercial law, employment law and insurance law.

For example we particularly help our clients with:

  • the establishment, transformation and liquidation of commercial companies in Poland, the establishment of affiliate offices of foreign entrepreneurs in Poland,
  • legal representation at establishing co-operation and joint ventures with Polish companies,
  • registration at the Register of Entrepreneurs of the Polish National Court Register and other proper registers,
  • negotiations (contracts, disputes etc.),
  • debt vindication from Polish partners and enforcement proceedings,
  • verification and examination of factual and legal status of particular real properties,
  • financial crime consulting,
  • preparing and giving advice on all kinds of commercial contracts,
  • legal opinions,
  • intellectual property rights, registering trademarks,
  • solving any legal issues which occur while conducting business activity in Poland,
  • preparation of contracts and documents related to real estate transactions e.g. sale contracts, lease contracts,
  • litigation and arbitration.
Business consulting

Based on our broad experience, knowledge and numerous business contacts, we offer our foreign clients the following services:

  • Suggesting Polish companies interested in the sale of goods or services (export to Poland)

  • Finding Polish companies interested in sale of goods and services (import from Poland)

  • Assistance for creation of the company’s development strategy in Poland.

  • Evaluation of Polish companies as potential trade partners.

  • Finding investors and resources for joint-ventures with Polish companies.

  • Preparing analysis of Polish markets regarding products or services offered by our foreign clients.

  • Preparing strategies of entering a particular part of the Polish market (including due diligence, legal and economic information and sector’s profile).

  • Assistance for creating the business network of contacts in the Polish market.

  • Assistance for trade negotiations with potential Polish clients and companies (we provide a translator if required).

  • Support in conforming with all legal formalities and procedures (permissions, concessions, certificates etc.).

  • General support regarding Polish markets.

  • Preparing any required legal document, inter alia: memorandum of understanding, letters of intent, contracts etc.