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The economic crimes are on the rise. Unfortunately, some people are forced to handle the corruption or ‘money laundering’ on their own. Entrepreneurs and management board members – often lack the knowledge of how to vindicate their rights, especially when the crime trespasses their economic interests. On the other hand, the difficulties of the Polish law may cause getting lost in the embroilment of regulations. Sometimes even entrepreneurs themselves do not realize that they are trespassing the interests of others.

Our Office provides professional legal services concerning the help in vindicating your rights or court representation, but also consulting in taking the actions which are consistent with the law.

Our Law Office offers:

Legal advice and out-of-court and in court representation of entrepreneurs in cases concerning business frauds, rules of fair competition and criminal responsibility under particular laws,

Defense of the suspected and accused of business fraud and corruption at all stages of proceedings (preparatory, court, executor proceedings),

Representation of members of governing bodies of companies in cases involving their criminal responsibility for activities of a company,

Representation of collective entities in connection with their criminal responsibility,

Comprehensive legal advice in various areas of economic criminal law based on full analysis of the issues related to business fraud



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