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The majority of entrepreneurs have problems with unreliable business partners. Our team specializes in the enforcement of claims caused by the avoiding of the acquaintance in maturity. At your disposal we have a wide range of capabilities which can help you successfully receive the payment due commitments in a fast way. We respect your time and money, we care about improving the process of executing your clients’ defaults. Usually the term of time limitation for commercial claims in Poland is three years so urgent measures must be taken in order to avoid losing those amounts.


Monitoring of acquittance

At the beginning, we offer you the service of monitoring the acquittance which enables the control of payments and motivates your clients to pay their defaults in time. The monitoring concerns not only the exigible commitments. We contact with your clients via mail or telephone to motivate them to pay in term and to recognize the reasons of the potential delay.

Searching for the debtor’s wealth

In order to ensure your clients’ payment, we undertake the activities to find their wealth, with which they will be able to pay their debts. We commission the bailiff to search the wealth, what can be helpful in receiving the commitments.


Receiving the acquittance in term can also become impossible. We lead the case in soft and tough eviction. Therefore we undertake the activities at the stage of:

– arbitral procedure by leading the negotiations with Your client,

– judicial procedure – we send the prejudicial form of final call, prepare the summons and represent You in court,

– enforcement procedure – we submit the application of enforcement proceedings and oversee them.




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